Who is kandi burrus dating

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Who is kandi burrus dating

The 1-hour special touched on how the “bad boy” attitudes of Jagged Edge members started to rub off on the two Destiny’s Child girls to the point that it was affecting Mathew Knowles’ ability to manage them and have them under control.In a scene during the episode when this is discussed, there’s a cut and the narrator says, “Shortly afterward, two new members were introduced [to Destiny’s Child].” I always wondered how La Tavia and Le Toya Luckett managed to get put out of the group.Tempers flared in the fourth and final reunion episode when Porsha told Kandi it was Phaedra who had informed her that Kandi and Todd wanted to drug her and take advantage of her.While Phaedra at first denied saying anything at all, she later claimed she had been told that – and not that Kandi had said that to her directly.The business is great, I am into my house and the man is acting crazy,' she told Sheree.'Can't they just all align?A Real Housewives star has suffered another devastating blow after the teenage daughter of her ex-fiancé was shot in a road rage incident - just two years after he was killed in a brawl. Jewell, who was engaged to reality TV star Kandi Burruss and appeared in the first series of the Bravo show.

Y'all accused me of being a f***ing rapist,' Kandi wailed in her high-pitched voice.

Asheley Jewell, 15, is fighting for her life in an Atlanta hospital after being shot in the head during a car chase. Grammy award-winning singer Miss Burruss, who is still close to Mr Jewell's daughters, wrote on Twitter: 'My heart feels heavy today.

I have my daughter and her friends so I'm trying to keep smiling but I'm worried about someone else I care about.'The latest tragedy comes less than two years after her former fiancé was killed in a fight outside an Atlanta strip club in October 2009.

Phaedra gained their scorn after she confessed to being the source of the 'date rape' allegations leveled against Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker.

Porsha and Kandi both broke down in tears and stormed out of the studio after learning it was Phaedra who had spread the lie claiming Kandi and Todd wanted to drug Porsha and seduce her.

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Kenya Moore paid a visit to Sheree Whitfield's home.'After Maui, Kenya and I are in a much better place,' Sheree told the cameras.'Who would have imagined that us two neighbors, would be able to make pop-ups and someone would not get popped.'Sheree told Kenya that since Maui her relationship with ex-husband, Bob, 'had not been the same.''I feel like I have been protecting him for so many years and for him to take it as a joke and laugh…' she said sadly.

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