Updating wii system menu

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Updating wii system menu

Installing the Wii U Homebrew Channel Installing the Virtual Wii Homebrew Channel Community Q&A You can install a homebrew channel for your Wii U by using a simple internet browser exploit.This will allow you to install homebrew applications, such as programs that let you run games from other regions.**Please note: If you've updated your Wii Menu after 6/21/10, you may not need to update again. Nintendo (If you have received this notice before, please disregard the following information.) Dear customer, Nintendo would like to inform you that a Wii menu update is now available.Select the UPDATE button on the lower right to update your Wii console.The DVD method requires a drivechip and won't work with the 3.3 firmware update or newer.

This channel allows you to access Wii homebrew, such as USB Loader GX, which can save and run games directly from an external hard drive.You can get free games for your Wii without jailbreaking if you’re nervous, but if you stick to the Homebrew Channel and don’t try to modify the way your Wii works, you shouldn’t run into any problems.Letter Bomb only works on the latest (as of this writing) version of the Wii software: 4.3.Disclaimer: doing this will void your Wii’s warranty, and messing this process up could potentially break your Wii.We take no responsibility for your actions whatsoever – you’ve been warned!

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