Updating drupal modules

Posted by / 30-Nov-2017 10:10

Check out the link mentioned to learn more about the effort, would love your input on how to accomplish this big usability improvement. Jacob This would be just great -- a relatively simple way to perform updates.Funny, but I was just on the phone this AM with Alex Lindahl of Acquia about my interest in handling this sort of thing on my own, as a site owner (rather than paying for external support to do this, as I'm doing now).This is because the "^" (caret) means, basically, "greater than or equal to", and since 1.17 is the latest release that matches that requirement, that's the one we get.

You'll notice that even though I used the version "1.0", Composer installed version 1.17.We actually just did this in the last video, but I didn't want to gloss over it, and if you're trying to figure out how to manually update a package, you probably aren't using the dev version.So, this video will show how to update packages to a specific version.This community devotes their own personal time and talents making Drupal better, by contributing to the Drupal core or making and improving upon modules.Now, let's talk about how to update and downgrade package (module) versions.

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We’re trying to provide a way that users can get the same user friendliness of a package manager like Synaptic.

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