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Ms Barton, of Kirkstall, Leeds, said: "When I was on basic I was banged up for 23 hours a day.A screw could look through the cell door and see me sitting on the toilet. It is luxury, for a prison, the way she is living." It was while exercising in the block's yard that Ms Barton claims she came face-to-face with Matthews.Now, sequa has translated both manuals into English.Together with GFA Consulting Group (lead company) and the University of the West Indies sequa will implement the following EU service contract in Belize funded by the European Commission under the BAM programme.Ms Barton, 32, said that Matthews had to be moved to the punishment block after just one night for her own safety.Just two other prisoners live permanently in the block, Ms Barton claims, a child-killer and a transsexual."It seems to me you have reached something of a turning point.

In 2011 sequa first published a manual for the management of BMO Partnership Projects in German.

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As well as stealing clothes and toiletries, she made off with alcohol and food.