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While walking the grounds with an MGM executive, she noticed a hidden part of the sprawling casino — a gated enclave called The Mansion, which resembles an 18th century Tuscan palace. Success and failure There were, however, way, way, waaaaaay more failures than successes. “I made lots of mistakes.” Nevertheless, she persisted.The Mansion has 29 villas that are, she was told, reserved for high-rollers —Middle East sultans, venture capital titans or Donald Trump relatives who can lose 0,000 in a weekend and giggle about it. She has been a big star for a long time,” says entertainment mogul David Geffen, her longtime friend and former romantic partner. But she’s beautiful, talented and incredibly funny, so it’s not a surprise.” A few weeks after our May 1 interview in Vegas, Cher would be back in town to accept the Billboard Icon Award. And she’s right — like “diva” and “legend,” it has been ruined through overuse.

A catastrophe that some officials already were calling the worst in Texas history was unfolding Sunday in Galveston County, where Tropical Storm Harvey was dropping rain at levels unprecedented in recent memory.

The judge suggested a four-week delay in the sentencing portion, but Julian requested that they not prolong the agony.

Julian explained that he was ready to get on with the rest of his life. Julian rose to make his statement after the victim impacts were read.

TAKE ME AWAY: To Switzerland, because I want to ski. GIVE ME A MINUTE: And I’ll read, play chess, visit the country or ride a horse.

Ava arrived at the courthouse, and Griffin followed her inside quickly.

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Among the many unusual amenities that noted in Cher’s hotel suite was an indoor swimming pool. She has had 22 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and because of her unmatched longevity, she was the first artist to score a No.