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Our main goal as your sex crime defense attorneys is to examine any and all defense strategies that are possible in your case in order for the charges to be dropped or at least reduced.

Some people hate certain words and nothing breaks you out of the mood faster than using the wrong word. I'm pretty good with subtle sexting (innuendos and such) but if anyone uses the word 'pussy' or 'clit' I'm so turned off I want to throw my phone across the room. Which is even more awkward, but then we both ignore it and move on. But if I or any girl is that vocal, you're not doing your job properly. As for sexting, I'm in a long term-long distance so it would be really nice to be able to do this more often but as another poster said seeing some words written down can be cringe worthy and a total turn off so the few attempts of it have always fallen flat.

Current research suggests that 20% of the world's youth are involved in internet addiction and abuse.

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This presentation considers current adolescent internet use and abuse in order to help clinicians appreciate potential negative consequences of internet abuse; this includes "addiction" to or dependence on this technology to the detriment of other aspects of the youth's life, being victims of sexual abuse by others, stalking by the teens themselves, bullying activity, access to pornographic sites, online gambling, and others.

Early 21st century adolescents have grown up with this technology and are very savvy regarding its use for socialization, playing computer video games, and even internet gambling.


If either the sender or the receiver is an underage individual, it is deemed as a crime.

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