Meet single dads dating

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Meet single dads dating

Find out how to manage cookies and change your settings.X In the third of Sophie's dating blogs she shares her advice for the big date.You might think that change shouldn’t have a significant effect on the qualities I look for in a woman, but it absolutely does.

It’s about the man, not whether he has a child or not.

To royally screw up a kid, just let them see a parent with a rotating door of ‘relationships’ coming through the house.

Let a daughter see her dad shack up with one woman after the other and watch how that little girl turns out.

In the first of Sophie Gillard’s series of blogs she writes about the realities of single parenthood and getting back into the ‘dating scene’. Here he tells the story of how Gingerbread's forums helped him find love again.

You’ve watched We Bought a Zoo with Matt Damon and thought to yourself that maybe dating single dads is the way to go. In reality dating a single dad can be fabulous or a disaster. If he is a wonderful father and terrific boyfriend, then of course you will want to date him.

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