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When I returned to Germany at the end of the year, I noticed that other exchange students would fret about similar things.

Here are the seven things about the US that irritate us the most: 1.

Hitler jokes When I told my English teacher on the first day of school that I was German, his joking response was: “Ms.

Hill in the adjacent room is a Jew, maybe you should go talk to her.” I was shocked, speechless.

Graphic design marketplace 99designs shares with The Local how the two compare.

I spent ten months in the US Bible Belt state of Kentucky when I was 17, studying at an All-American high school and living with American host parents - as well as a Slovakian host brother and five worryingly obese cats.

But the study revealed some weaknesses in integration, too.

Safia was in contact with a member of ISIL via the internet.

It was an incredible experience, including everything from a typical Kentucky horse race to planning how I would ask out a girl for Senior Prom (I ended up writing a cheesy poem).

But a few things really drove me crazy about America and Americans.

After a deranged fan determines the house's location, she finds herself in a terrifying fight for her life. Star Ali Cobrin has one of those odd faces -- she looks familiar to the viewer as if a composite of 4 or 5 well known female stars had been squeezed into one.

When Anna sneaks in, you see Devon and Heather are playing cards, Devon is first shown from the window wearing socks and a different top and when Anna walks inside you see she has no socks on and her top has changed. The biggest problem with the film ironically is how little sex, nudity or even slashing there actually is.

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The Federal Prosecutor Office sought the six year sentence for the juvenile a week prior.

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