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The parking lot is usually fairly packed on Fridays, but my usual spot is still open. I head for the counter but get ambushed by one of my most favorite people: the most recent ex-mayor's wife and Mistress's colleague Mistress Amara. "Still wishing you could be one of my mommies." I answer. I lay a twenty on the counter, and the lady smiles knowingly and tells me to pick a booth.

I actually recognize most of the cars and know personally half the owners, because I've most likely sucked the husband's cock at Mistress's dinner parties. Something about it seems too familiar, but I've never seen it before in my life. Mistress Amara just steps out from an adjoining aisle right in front of me, sweeps me off my feet, and spins me around. "I, too, wish I could be your mommy." Mistress Amara loses her smile. "Ricky still waits for that blowjob you promised him." Mistress Amara answers. I'd rather suck his monster dick than pay twenty bucks for a glory hole booth and hope I get lucky." I reply. I shall remain until you return, use my phone to photograph you in all your facialized glory, and send out the photograph." "Thank you, Mistress Amara." I curtsy and let my eyes stray to her left hand, her writing hand. I gently place her hand to my lips, return her arm to her side, give a court curtsy(which is returned), and head for the counter. I snake my way through the aisles and find myself by the dildos and whips.

I take my cell phone out of my purse and almost call Mistress but replace my phone.

I know I should call and tell her I'm going to the adult toy store across town.

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