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Datingforchristians com

Are you new to 'Internet' or 'online' dating services?

They might even venture that courtship succeeded in all past centuries, because life's realities were not as harsh then. Dating does not prepare young people for the difficulties of future life for many, it insures that future life will be difficult. There is something seriously wrong with this picture!The trick is to have fun and make friends first - don't put too much pressure on yourself - and let God do things in his timing - that's all important.You may well just be here to bosst your confidence a little - or perhaps you've beem in the singles situation for a long time and simply want to interact and get used to meeting people again!But they contend that it would be harmful if tried now. Let us consider, can those who support dating demonstrate . It is like someone dying from lung cancer, who lies in a hospital bed touting the benefits of smoking and criticizing those who abstain.Consider which harsh realities do we have in this century which were absent in the past? If you wanted to keep your children sexually pure, which generation of Christians would you listen to the one with 43% of their children sexually active, or the one with pure children?

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Recreational dating is an invention of the 20th century. The percentage of out-of-wedlock births to teenagers rose from 7% in 1955 to 65% in 1988. Are our realities actually harsher than in the past? But if in fact our realities are harsher, and our children must face these harsh realities to be properly prepared for marriage, why is dating not working?