Dating a gentleman

Posted by / 09-Feb-2018 09:55

Dating a gentleman

As Mark Twain said – “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.

Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” So did I miss any signs of a true gentlemen?

One of the things that I hear most of the time, is how RARE it is to find guys who can be considered “gentlemen.” We are losing sight of the value and importance of putting effort into building a relationship and a real connection with someone. For this reason, I’ve put together this video designed to outline the 10 signs that YOU are dating a TRUE gentleman…

There is, of course, the exciting and adventurous "bad boy" guy, a man who you don't want to introduce to your family, but sparks up the romance in every woman.

On the other side, there is the "nice guy," a man who showers you with carefully chosen flower bouquets or other lavish gifts, but is kind of bland or even boring when compared to the bad boy. He's the one that, in reality, every woman is looking for but just doesn't come across so often.

someone who puts effort not only into his relationship with you, but also into his own life.

Learn these ten signs and it will be easier for you to spot a fake from a million miles away.

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If a meal isn’t cooked, a gentleman doesn’t grumble and complain that his wife is being lazy. When dating a gentleman, you never get the impression that he expects you to be like a mother to him, coddling him and taking care of his every need.