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Basically, according to Cheekbones Mc Gee, I mean, Dylan, Disney “laughed” at their idea …then came back two weeks later , only with Selena Gomez attached, and no producer credit for the twins. These days, both young men are attending NYU and if Cheekbones’ comportment in the video is any indication, they have managed not to go Bieber/Lohan route.Acting requires a great amount of empathy for real, lived human experiences.

This show seems to have a pretty good range in fans to. Younger kids because it's funny and has all of these cool gadgets and older kids because of the great chemistry between Pheely and also the comedy.See full summary » Phil Diffy is the oldest child in a normal family.His sister, Pim is an often devious girl with an unusual vocal talent, his mother has a robotic body, and his father spends all of his time working on their broken time machine.I don’t know why this story fascinates me, considering I’m too old to have ever watched an episode of their show.I suppose Dylan’s story interests me because as a writer (or “content creator,” as the parlance is these days) there are seemingly endless stories about how business-side folks misuse the creators of their content.

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