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Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior wicket 1 4

AJAX components and behaviors shipped with Wicket expose one or more callback methods which are executed when they receive an AJAX request.

It's an open source, lightweight, component-based framework, which puts it in an altogether different league from some of the earlier ways of developing Web-based applications.

The most commonly used method of this interface is probably add(Component… With this method we tell Wicket to render again the specified components and refresh their markup via AJAX: Components can be refreshed via Ajax only if they have rendered a markup id for their related tag.

As a consequence, we must remember to set a valid id value on every component we want to add to Ajax Request Target.

The following code does work in Wicket 1.4.16 (prints the selected date), but does not in Wicket 1.5.5 (prints null): public class Date Page extends Web Page Does anyone know something about this?

Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior; import org.apache.wicket.datetime.form.

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As the bug link states you have to create date object by yourself.